The Team


Tony Gleeson




After qualifying with E&Y in 1989, Tony decided auditing did not suit his personality, and so he jumped into the world of recruitment where he soon realised he had found his calling.

Making his first placement while Maggie was still in No.10, Tony has mentored thirty years’ of newly-qualified accountants on the road to FD, CFO and CEO.

As three decades’ worth of candidates have fallen far and wide, Tony’s network spans board-level professionals in industry, Financial Services, Private Equity, and beyond.

Tony rejects accusations that naming two businesses after himself is the ultimate expression of vanity with the retort that he’s not even a household name in his own home.


I have known and worked with the GRG Executive Search team for almost ten years and without exception they are the first people I pick up the phone to when I have a recruitment need. The focus they place on relationships and understanding your business goes well beyond the normal ‘get your assignment, fill it, move on’ mentality that so many other firms operate. Their ethos is about the long term, building confidence and trust and delivering the goods time and time again so that you don’t need to use anyone else. I value that approach – I only ever need to make one call and I can be sure that things are being taken care of. They are an excellent team, always on hand and always willing to provide support and advice even when there is no benefit to them, that’s what I respect and that’s why I enjoy working with them. I would not hesitate for one moment in recommending them, they genuinely are ‘best in class’.

Oliver Templar-Coates, UK CFO