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Executive Search

Executive Search and recruitment are the foundation of our business.

At the start of the process, we invest our time in establishing your needs. We gain a thorough understanding of your organisation, the business’ strategic goals, the role, and the person specification. We also place a heavy emphasis on identifying the culture new leaders need to embody.

We take a broad, creative and flexible approach to attracting potential candidates. We carefully assemble the best-positioned team of specialists to handle your search.

We draw on our internal research capability, extensive networks, industry knowledge, and leading recruitment technology to identify the right people. In partnering with us, your organisation gains exposure to a wide pool of experienced, qualified and diverse candidates.

It is our promise to undertake a comprehensive assessment and validate the best possible candidates using our trusted tools from the start through to completion. Using competency-based interviews, leadership assessments, 360º referencing, and our decades of market knowledge, we achieve the cultural and skills match that is fundamental to executive search.  We evaluate candidates against your requirements and provide an honest appraisal. Our clients only invest their time in meeting the highest calibre candidates. During the interview stages, we carry out a full debrief and manage candidate expectations, serving as your trusted advisor throughout the entire process.

Interim Solutions

Interim executives deliver high value in crucial times of need. They are equipped with extensive experience and knowledge, often carrying many years of board-level expertise. When businesses are undergoing significant change, an interim can be invaluable in spearheading organisations through pivotal periods.

When would you need an interim solution?

  • Growth – Businesses undertaking a period of growth can excel tremendously from drawing on the expertise of an interim executive
  • Transformation – Interim management can add critical value to businesses undergoing significant changes such as restructuring, acquisitions, or process/system implementations
  • Crisis – In times of crisis, interim executives have the knowledge to create innovative solutions to transform entire business operations from a state of fragility to stability
  • Transition – When recruiting for a permanent executive or other absences, an interim can serve as an excellent temporary substitute to help the operation continue functioning during the transition

The interim team at GRG Executive Search are experienced in providing impactful interim solutions for a variety of business needs, often at short notice.

We understand that each interim assignment comes with its unique requirements. By conducting an in-depth consultation, we understand your business aims, challenges and intricacies before building a profile of the ideal candidate. We then use our comprehensive research ability and extensive network to source the right senior talent, whilst delivering on urgent timeframes. Our consultants also provide 360º referencing to ensure key candidates have been evaluated with the most relevant data available.

Our interim team endeavours to provide an exceptional level of service every time, always respecting the requirements, sensitivity and urgency of any assignment.

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Leadership Assessment

Against a backdrop of ongoing uncertainty, businesses must rethink approaches to how they recruit and develop executive talent. The focus needs to lie on the strengths that will help leaders navigate the challenges created by the pandemic. The crisis may be short-term but its impact, coupled with other disruption and social changes, will affect organisations for years to come.

In collaboration with a world-class external partner, we offer a psychometric profiling and development tool designed specifically to identify the right leaders for your organisation.

Our candidate assessment tool analyses the strengths that drive impactful leadership in the ‘new normal’ of digital, dispersed, and agile organisations. Not only does it help to inform recruitment decisions by identifying the best-matched executive talent for your organisation, but it also creates personalised development programmes to strengthen future critical leadership skills.

As part of our ongoing partnership, the tool also supports other critical processes including succession planning, internal mobility and talent mapping.

Diversity and inclusion at the highest levels of an organisation are critical for performance and success. Finding ways to assess what makes leaders in your organisation tick is essential to continue growing the business successfully. In this piece, we are going to share with you the future of leadership assessment.

Cappfinity’s Altitude assessment is a global multi-award-winning strength-based assessment that removes biases, making it fully inclusive and focuses solely on the participant’s strengths and qualities regardless of everything else, promoting diversity.

Leadership assessment is what we do via Cappfinity
Leadership assessment is what we do via Cappfinity

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At GRG Executive, we value diversity and embrace everyone for who they are. We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and inclusion. To do this, we lead from the front, both as an employer and as a service provider.

As recruiters, we know we have an important role in supporting an agenda where inclusion, diversity, and acceptance are a minimum expectation of businesses and their leaders.

Taking the lead for an equal future

Our Research team has completed the Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP) Program. As such, we are pleased to say that, in the last 12 months, 35% of GRG Executive placements were women.

We take diversity seriously and consistently review our approach to supporting diverse talent, monitoring trends in diversity, and best recruitment practices. This approach is embedded in our business and reflected in our D&I Charter.

What we do

We don’t just talk the talk here at GRG Executive; we walk the walk. We know we will not achieve an equal future for everyone if we, as a recruiter, do not help lead the way. So here are some of the ways we act.

  • Executive Women in Business networking event – our flagship networking event is all about supporting the future generations of female executives. We also host networking activities throughout the year, which, in turn, support our client recruitment campaigns when sourcing candidates.
  • Committed to our internal target of maintaining at least 35% of women in the business. We know there is room for improvement here, and in the longer term, we aim to reach 50% women in the business. This is an ongoing journey, just like it is for many organisations. By being committed and transparent, we are here to say we mean business.
  • We are using the same diversity techniques and strategies we recommend to our clients within our own business (it’s how we know they work) to develop and increase the diversity of our team. Celebrating and recognising the power of bringing people together with diverse experiences and perspectives can achieve.

We understand from first-hand experience that diverse leadership teams are vital in delivering optimum performance for organisations. We support our clients in finding outstanding candidates from a wide range of expertise, backgrounds, and walks of life.

Our passion for workplace diversity starts from the offset of every campaign and continues throughout the recruitment journey.

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