Executive Women in Leadership

Improving Diversity At Board Level

The underrepresentation of women on boards remains a key focus for organisations, and yet, progress has been slow. While steps towards achieving gender parity have been made, the pace of collective progress must increase. On top of discrimination and prejudice, female senior leaders must also contend with a host of challenges such as a lack of access to mentoring and sponsorship, institutional mindsets that see women as the ‘other’, and a lack of accommodation for family obligations.

At GRG Executive Search, equality, diversity and inclusion is at the top of our agenda. We’re committed to increasing the boardroom presence not only of female senior leaders, but across all historically underrepresented groups. Our Annual Executive Women In Leadership events bring together inspiring female leaders to discuss some of the most pressing issues in today’s ED&I space, outlining their professional journeys, and offering support and guidance to help others. Our events feature panel discussions as well as Q&A sessions, so attendees receive as much value as possible. Here, you’ll find a variety of resources about our Annual Executive Women In Leadership event, including videos and articles that outline the key topics discussed.

To learn more about our annual executive event, don’t hesitate to contact Helen Schwarz on helenschwarz@grgexecsearch.com or alternatively, please get in touch with Jodie Walters on jodiewalters@grgexecsearch.com or 07502908495.