International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion

Friday 8th March marks International Women’s Day, a chance to celebrate female figures and the incredible women and allies who work towards creating an inclusive environment for all.

The latest report from FTSE Women Leaders demonstrates the progress made over the last year, with 42% women on FTSE 350 Boards as of 2024. This change means companies are now reaping the benefits of diverse perspectives, improved governance and greater innovation.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, a topic the team at GRG Executive Search take seriously. From presenting diverse shortlists, to hosting events with a focus on educating and inspiring their audience on topics surrounding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), the team are determined to play their part in creating inclusive workplaces.

We asked the GRG Executive Search team to share why they believe inclusion, specifically in the workplace, is so important, and why it is essential to the growth of business today.

“Inclusion is ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity, something which is at the top of our agenda. At GRG Executive Search, we are committed to playing our part in increasing boardroom presence of senior female leaders, taking the lead for an equal future.” – Helen Schwarz, Senior Partner

“I am lucky to work in a business that values diversity and inclusion, and to have a diverse team with inspiring women who each bring something different to the group. This not only contributes to the strength of our business through diversity of opinion, but it also makes the work environment a great place to be.

“For me, inclusion and equality should be a given in the modern world. A key part of our role as an executive search partner is to advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion. We do our part to ensure our processes are inclusive and that we work with our clients to help them build more diverse and inclusive teams.” – Dan Yates, Divisional Managing Director

“Inspiring inclusivity within my day-to-day role is so important. It is essential that we play our part to recruit more women into businesses to ensure equal representation, especially at board level. This inclusivity can only be a positive, with companies benefitting from diverse perspectives which can ultimately shape and grow their business.” – Dan Edwards, Senior Partner 

“I wish that we lived in a world where we did not still need to ‘inspire inclusion’. My eutopia would be that everyone, regardless of their race or gender, had a fair chance to be their best self.  In Executive Search, I feel it is important for me as a Research Partner to ensure I drive inclusion in identifying the best person for the role, but also that diversity and inclusion is always promoted though our advertising and search methods.” – Nisha Patel, Executive Research Partner

“It is important to create a sense of belonging in our culture. Having a culture where people feel included, appreciated, and safe creates a happier, more engaged and productive team.” – Frankie Ashford, Executive Research Partner

“Inspiring inclusion is important to me as it demonstrates an appreciation for other inputs and respecting opinions. This allows us to work collaboratively and show that we care” – Jodie Walters, Executive Support Manager

“We are all responsible for ‘Inspiring Inclusion’, and this is critical for the continual advancement and development of women. Inspiring inclusion will support individuals to be seen and heard in a psychologically safe environment, and is proven to encourage diversity of thought, contributions, and better outcomes for businesses. As an Executive Search firm, we play a fundamental role to drive the continued development of future women leaders.” – Sarah Bradley, Head of Interim Practice

“I am the husband of a very career-driven wife who works in the NHS as a Transformation Specialist. I am also a father of two young daughters. It is important to me that my wife and daughters are recognised for their skills and talents equally to their male counterparts in all facets of life. I believe everyone should acknowledge and appreciate the important role women play in education, sports, and the workplace.” – Craig Howells, Partner

Inclusivity in the workplace is key as it creates a sense of belonging, and ensures everyone feels accepted and valued. At GRG Executive Search, we consider inclusivity at each stage of our talent acquisition process, but also internally. Our team includes a number of talented female figures who offer invaluable insights and are a key part of our team.” – Matt Jones, Executive Director 

At GRG Executive Search, EDI sits at the heart of what we do. If you would like to explore how we can assist you with your executive search requirements, taking inclusivity into consideration, then please get in touch:

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