Hiring An Interim Disposals Expert: Reasons, Benefits And Required Skillset

In the lifetime of an organisation, there will likely come a time when difficult decisions need to be made regarding downsizing or restructuring, and ownership may transfer between different individuals to achieve the best financial and operational outcomes. If offloading a percentage of a company is deemed to be the right decision, organisations may consider a total or partial sale to dispose of selected company assets. This might be necessary for a number of reasons, including:

  • Reducing responsibilities. If one or more of your organisation’s directors or main stakeholders wish to step back, selling part of a business can help shed some responsibilities.
  • Controlling expansion. If parts of a business are growing at a rate that demands a great deal of time and resources, making a partial sale to streamline services may make sense.
  • Unload non-performing assets. Discarding the weaker parts of a business through a partial sale may protect an organisation’s financial health and strengthen prospects of expansion.
  • Release cash. If part of a business is underperforming, it may make sense to discard the weaker percentage through a partial sale to protect the financial health of your organisation and release capital. 

Whatever the motivations, the process of restructuring can be time consuming, complex, and difficult to manage without the right expertise. This is where interim business disposals experts come into play.  

What Is An Interim Disposals Expert?

An disposals expert is a professional with expertise in handling and disposing of temporary or surplus assets in the context of a company reorganisation or downsizing. They are responsible for managing the sale, transfer, or disposal of these assets in a timely and efficient manner, usually with the goal of maximising the return on investment for the company. These professionals will work on an interim basis for as long as the disposals process lasts and their expertise is required, whether it’s six months, one year, or more. 

Why Are Organisations Hiring Interim Disposals Experts?

It’s hardly surprising that in the current economic climate, here at GRG Executive Search we’re seeing an increased demand for individuals with experiencing overseeing the sale of under or non-performing parts of a business. Here are a few of the benefits: 

Impartiality. As organisations look to futureproof their market share in a difficult economic climate, downsizing or streamlining may well be necessary. When this happens, scores of stakeholders, management teams, investors and external evaluators will all be delving deep into the detail, leaving them with plenty more to focus on than maximising ROI. In comparison, a disposals expert will have the expertise and experience to pull all parties together, explore all options, and act impartially with the seller’s best interests in mind.

A cost-effective option. Utilising interim professions with this type of skillset for as long as they’re required is a more affordable option for organisations than hiring a consultant, and they’ll also be more ready and willing to get stuck in!

Increased efficiency: Interim disposals experts are experienced in dealing with complex organisational restructures, and have a deep understanding of the processes involved. They can quickly identify and address any potential roadblocks, streamlining the sales process and ensuring a quicker, more efficient outcome.

Maximised value: Interims experienced with disposals possess a wealth of experience in negotiating and securing the best possible deals for the businesses they represent. They can help business owners to maximise the value of their assets and ensure they receive the best possible return on their investment.

Compliance with regulations: As they are familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements involved in selling a business, interim disposals experts can ensure that all necessary compliance measures are taken and that the sale of the business or assets is carried out in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Risk management: Disposal experts can help business owners to manage the risks associated with selling a business or assets. They can identify potential pitfalls and help to mitigate the risks involved, ensuring a smoother, more secure outcome.

Knowledge of market trends: The business world moves fast, and disposal experts have a wealth of knowledge about current market trends and conditions. This means they can provide valuable insight and advice on how to position the business or assets for sale in the most favourable light possible.

What Skills Do Interim Disposals Experts Need?

Naturally, interim disposals experts need a solid understanding of mergers and acquisitions, and a detailed understanding of the process by which businesses are bought and sold. In addition to this, in-depth understanding of financial analysis, accounting and financial modelling is essential, as well as a strategic and analytical approach to problem solving. As we’ve already touched upon, a deep understanding of an organisation’s market or industry, potential buyers and regulatory requirements is also a bonus, as well as a good understanding of the legal aspects of business disposal. Leadership and interpersonal skills are essential, as they may well need the ability to motivate and manage others through what can sometimes be a challenging process.

Thinking of hiring an interim disposals expert to guide your business through challenging times? We can help. 

Our interim disposals experts generally hail from a transactional services, corporate finance or corporate development background, and have branched out into the interim world following a successful permanent career. This means they will be drawing on 15-20+ years’ experience, which they can utilise to deliver an exceptional level of service. We maintain an extensive network of interim M&A professionals ready and willing to help your organisation succeed. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact me on danedwards@grgexecsearch.com.

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