Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter

At GRG Executive Search, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) isn’t a “tick box” exercise; it’s something we live and breathe. Whilst we face the same challenges that societal inequality brings to all organisations, we consistently seek to make ourselves more inclusive, and we are celebratory of our differences.

Many organisations, quite rightly, see having a diverse senior leadership team and wider workforce as being good for business. We see this too, but also believe it is more about always doing the right thing. This is what runs through the heart and soul of GRG. We pride ourselves on being an organisation that rewards hard work, strong values and awareness and kindness.

We appreciate that most progressive organisations have had EDI high on their agenda for some time, but we also recognise that it’s never too late to start your EDI journey. When it comes to ensuring EDI in your hiring process, we are here to help.

As part of our commitment to you we will:

  • Critically review all job adverts and specifications to ensure they meet D&I policies and ensure that they are written using inclusive language.
  • Ensure our colleagues are training extensively on all elements of EDI and anti-discrimination practices in recruitment, including unconscious bias.
  • Encourage inclusion “touchpoints” throughout your hiring process. This means that we engage with you and the candidates throughout the recruitment process to make sure everyone is comfortable and feeling heard and understood.
  • Make sure we practice what we preach by living and breathing inclusive values within GRG. Our hiring and recruitment processes reflect the best practice we recommend
  • Have invested in technology and software that allows us to measure and provide statistics on all long and shortlists to ensure as much diversity as possible.
  • Promote “blind” shortlists, anonymising CVs and applications by removing any indication towards protected characteristics, including race, age, gender, or disability.
  • Utilise a broad range of attraction tools to provide the widest and most diverse candidate pool.
  • Working hard to become  known as thought leaders and EDI champions. This will help us build our reputation as the recruiter of choice for diverse top talent.
  • Make any necessary adjustments – such as utilising video interviewing software so that we can interview anywhere in the UK – to ensure the participation of a diverse range of candidates. 
  • Work with you on your journey to ensure you can demonstrate a diverse and inclusive culture, regardless of where your organisation is today.
  • Help you with career progression programmes to address underrepresentation at senior levels with your organisation.

These steps are our written commitment but they will not limit us. We recognise that an effective EDI strategy should be an ever-evolving process of self-assessment and improvement. To this end, we welcome advice for self-improvement in an ever-changing landscape, and we often engage with external advisors and equality action groups to ensure that we are always being truly introspective.

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