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A CIO will help organisations grow and nurture the tech talent needed to leverage today’s technology. From core technology to digital transformation, the CIO’s responsibility is to design and implement strategy. The role of the CIO will vary by organisation size and structure, and will also mean different things to different people.

Tech leaders really are the unsung heroes of the pandemic and have demonstrated the impact forward-thinking leaders can make in response to market changes, such as the global work from home orders. Combine this with the emergence of immediate multi-channel connections with end-users, improvements in data analytics, and an increasing demand for business intelligence, today’s tech leaders must ensure their digital infrastructure is consistently ahead of the curve.

GRG Executive Search understands that CIOs must quickly grasp and respond to the market in order to deliver and generate business value. This is achieved through the use of disruptive technology, cloud-based software, vendor product offerings, mobile-first computing, big data analytics, social collaboration platforms, and a customer reach across both physical and virtual channels.

Our areas of expertise: 

  • CTO
  • CISO
  • CIO
  • CDIO
  • Head of Technology 
  • VP of IT
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Head of information Security

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