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Your sales team can make or break your company. Maybe you need that key account manager with great connections, or from a more holistic view, you need that VP of Sales to create and implement a plan so you can remain competitive – a strategic thinker who is also hands-on when things need getting done. It is absolutely vital you ensure top sales executives continue expanding your client-base and nurturing pre-existing and emerging customer relationships throughout your sector.

Companies frequently advertise for new sales positions. Many candidates feel they have fully understood what is required for a sales position, however they lack the finesse, subtlety, intelligence and assertiveness to close deals. This is where our Executive Search services can be used to bridge the gap.

Our services are also used by businesses setting up new overseas offices, plants or headquarters. Many of our international clients retain us to hire entire teams to put their boots on the ground and start gaining market share. Sales executive recruiters are plentiful in today’s booming economy but very few have the network and connections to reach the unreachable. GRG Executive Search has an excellent history of sourcing highly competent individuals with years of experience and expertise in making sales and adding value. Working closely with our clients, we deliver top-performing, energetic and talented salespeople who demonstrate a long-term commitment to the industry.

Sales roles we recruit: 

  • VP
  • Sales Director 
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales Executive 

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