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 Paris, France
The Brief

The client were in search of an experienced Sales Executive to accommodate business expansion into France. They sought an accomplished individual with knowledge, experience and confidence to hit the ground running as the first person in this region. The main challenge with this appointment was that the client had previously used a PEO company to provide legally binding employment contracts for their France-based hires. This method of employment is not the most popular amongst candidates as they are paid by the client but technically employed by the PEO company. Another challenge with this process was that the client is a well-recognised company, so there were many candidates keen to work for them, though not all were eligible. This was a key hire for the client as the candidate would be the first person on the ground within the region; the successful candidate would therefore not have local support from the business - the success of the expansion would be reliant on the candidate’s ability to work independently.

Brett worked closely with key stakeholders within the client in order to obtain a holistic understanding of the business and the specific requirements for the role. This information was passed onto our dedicated research team, who utilised market mapping software, allowing them to target the client’s closest competitors and identify key candidates from around the world. Our team also leveraged LinkedIn Recruiter to conduct a tailored LinkedIn search and advertising campaign. Within a week of receiving the brief, Brett had developed a strong longlist of eight diverse candidates. The client had requested a shortlist of only three, so Brett carried out a series of virtual pre-screenings to narrow the list down accordingly. Brett applied a combination of competency and personality-based interview techniques to challenge each candidate’s strength, potential, and technical capabilities against the brief. Once the shortlist was submitted, the client moved very quickly with a two-stage process: all three candidates had an interview with the hiring manager and another with the VP of the client company. Brett provided each candidate with a full interview preparation brief and followed up with a (virtual) face-to-face meeting to manage live feedback. Once an offer was made, Brett managed the candidate’s expectations from offer to acceptance and throughout their resignation process.
The Outcome

The role was successfully recruited within two weeks of the start of the interview process. The candidate has since made a huge impact within the business, successfully launching the French arm of the client’s business. Since placing the Sales Executive, we have maintained regular contact with both client and candidate to ensure a smooth onboarding and uphold the amicable relationships we have secured. The CEO was so impressed with the service we provided that they have personally introduced us to the wider business as their preferred supplier across multiple business units, including the US and Europe. We are currently in talks with the client about our RPO offering.

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Brett Griffin

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